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TOPSPIDER d.o.o. company is specialised in making technical products made of rubber. It has been part of the car industry for more than ten years (since 2006) using only up-to-date high technology methods and equipment. Initially established as „Topilica“ craftsmen’s store in 1984, the company has been present on the market for more than 30 years offering handcrafted tools. Its main products were CV joints cuffs, driveshafts and steering racks. Today, we are a leading radiator hoses supplier and distributor in Serbia and throughout the region.

Realising the quality is the only thing that matters, we have put all our efforts into quality improvement and have started investing in the newest production technologies. Our biggest advantage among other competitors is our quality as well as the possibility to create any rubber product in the shortest time possible, all thanks to the great production capacity.


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